LungCAN Pressures Medicare To Cover Lung Cancer Screening in New Online Campaign

NEW YORK—(October 21, 2014) In a recently launched online social media campaign, LungCAN members and their constituents are fighting back with Tweets, Facebook posts, and social ads with a message that is loud and clear: lung cancer screening saves lives and it disproportionately affects seniors, which is why Medicare should include lung cancer screening as a covered Medicare benefit.

LungCAN’s Medicare campaign, blended with the recent online #WhipLungCancer campaign, is part of a three-pronged campaign approach orchestrated by Social Strand Media, a boutique San Francisco based social media agency. The multi-part campaign addresses urging Medicare to cover lung cancer screening, participation in Genentech’s Lung Cancer Project to address stigma and raise awareness of low treatment rates for lung cancer patients, and testing your home for radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer, during the holidays. Phase one of the campaign commenced in October and phase two and three will run through November and December. Click to read full press release.